German Ambassador, Clarissa Duvigneau, opens the exhibition Legendary Maps of Iceland 1535-1849– The Schulte Collection at the Akureyri Museum on Thursday, June 6, at 17:00.

The exhibition features 43 large and small maps of Iceland by leading European cartographers from 1535-1847. The oldest maps show vague outlines often based on questionable information, sometimes even pure fabrications and falsifications. They also depict mythical islands and fantastic creatures.

As time progresses, the outlines of the country become more familiar with growing knowledge derived from scientific expeditions commissioned by European kings to northern regions or in search of navigational routes to the East.

The maps are unique and, in some cases, cannot be found in another copy in the world. A significant portion of the collection, comprising 187 maps, is not found in either Icelandic or foreign map collections. This is a golden opportunity to see such maps as the Akureyri Museum is the only place where these beautiful and historical maps can be viewed annually.

The Icelandic maps are intertwined with the love story of the German couple, Dr. Karl-Werner Schulte and Dr. Gisela Schulte-Daxbök, who began collecting Icelandic maps shortly after their love blossomed in the 1960s. Initially, this was meant to be one map to decorate their home and maintain a connection to Iceland and Akureyri where their honeymoon had taken them. Gradually, the walls of their home filled with historical maps of Iceland.

In 2014, the Schulte couple donated the 76 maps that adorned their home to the residents of Akureyri. After Gisela's passing, Karl-Werner has added to the collection in her name. The exhibition features selected maps from the collection along with the 10 latest maps that Karl-Werner will hand over on Thursday, which are also the oldest in the collection, dating from 1535-1597.

You are heartily welcome to the opening on June 6, from 17:00-19:00 to enjoy beautiful historical maps of Iceland and refreshments.

The program starts with short speeches by Haraldur Þór Egilsson, museum director, Dr. Karl-Werner Schulte, and Clarissa Duvigneau, the German ambassador.

The German Embassy offers the refreshments, and Karl-Werner Schulte will offer German wines from his renowned home region of Rheingau.

The exhibition is open daily from June 6 to October 6.