Gásir by Eyjafjördur
Gásir by Eyjafjördur

Gásir is one of the largest archaeological sites in Iceland. It is, situated 11 km north of Akureyri and was the main trading post in northern Iceland during the Middle Ages from 1100-1550 being the predecessor to Akureyri. A big archaeological excavation went on there from 2001-2006. It establishes a connection between Gásir and trading sites in Scandinavia, Northern Europe and Greenland. Each year during summer people would gather for few weeks to trade with the foreign merchants buying exotic goods and necessities. An unusual amount of pottery was discovered and onsite processing of the highly valuable Nordic gold, sulphur, walrus ivory and falcons.

11:00 -17:00 Medieval market open – artisans at work.

11:00 – 16:00 Can you shoot an arrow? Archery for those who dare.

11:30  Gásverjar – Re-enactment group put on a show.

12:00  Guided tour of the archaeological site.

12:30  Gásverjar – Re-enactment group put on a show. 

13:00  Medieval songs – Hymnodiu choir.

13:30 Sword fighting – Rimmugýgur Re-enactment group.

14:00 Gold at Gásir! Could it be? Dr. Orri Vésteinsson archaeologist talks about sulphur. 

14:30 Medieval songs - Jónína Björg performs Icelandic folk songs

15:00 Parchment making. Jiri the Czech talks about his work.

15:15 Medieval amusement and fun facts by the actors Vandræðaskáld.

15:30 Sword fighting – Rimmugýgur Re-enactment group.

16:00 Guided tour of the archaeological site.

16:30 Will someone end up in the pillory? Rotten eggs for sale just in case.