All the museums under the umbrella of Akureyri Museum have opened for summer, except for the Sundry Museum. In Akureyri Old Town the historical museums; Akureyri Museum, Nonni‘s house, Akureyri Toy Museum, The Museum Church and the Industrial Museum are open daily from 11-17. Davíð Stefánsson writers’ home is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 13-17 with a guided tour at 16.

Laufás heritage site is open daily from 11-17.

Smámunasafnið opens on June 19 and is open from Wednesday to Sunday at 13-17. However, the sculpture Edda – the gigantic cow, is on display around the clock.

It has never been cheaper to visit the museums under the Minjasafnið umbrella. Although there are now 7 museums, the ticket price has actually decreased from year to year. The ticket costs 2500 ISK and is valid throughout the year. Admission is free for children 17 years and younger and for the disabled. Pensioners get the ticket for 1700 isk.
Coffee or water is included with the ticket at Akureyri Museum and Laufás.

This summer, there will be three new exhibitions at the Minjasafnið: Unique Icelandic Maps 1535-1849 – The Schulte Map Collection – June 17, 1944, photographs from the Republic Festival in Akureyri – With the world in their hands – What’s does your cell phone do for you?
Our largest exhibitions are The Music Town Akureyri and Akureyri, the town by the bay.

A diverse range of events will take place in the coming months, for example special events at Laufás on June 23. and 24.

Jazz concert on the stage at the music exhibition on July 9th

Lunch time concert at Davíðs house on July 8th

Just to name a few.

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