Minjasafni­ ß Akureyri - Akureyri Museum

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Akureyri Museum

An interesting museum for the entire family


Well designed exhibitions and the beautiful museum garden with its 19th century church is not to be missed if you visit Akureyri. Interesting and unique artifacts can be found in the exhibitions relating to the Viking period,  Ages, religion and everyday life in Eyjafjörður and Akureyri in the past.

Opening hours: Every day from June 1st - September 15th from 9 - 5 am.


 Are You Ready, Madam President?




Land ahoy! Schulte Collection

Antique Maps of Iceland 1547-1808




Land ahoy! is an exhibition of historical maps of Iceland given to Akureyri municipality by the Schulte family from Germany. The exhibition includes unique original maps from 40 AD with great variations. See how mapmakers of the world saw this small island and how scientific methods and technique developes. 

Make your own map and find the strenge sea monsters and creatures on the maps and the statues within the exhibition. Be an explorer and participate in a treasure hunt!


Akureyri - The town by the bay




Get to know how Akureyri has developed as a town since the early 19. century.



The Old Turfhouse Laufás - 30 km east of Akureyri & 20 km from Goðafoss




 Opening hours: Every day from June 1st - August 31st from 9 - 5 am.

The writer´s homes in Akureyri 


 Ask for DAY Pass to all of our 5 museums!


ONLY ISK 2000. Available at these Museums, Tourist Info in Hof and Saga Travel Info Office.



Picture gallery

Akureyri Museum manages The Old Turfhouse Laufás which is open daily 9 to 5 from 1st of June - 31st of August. Groups are welcome out of season.

Special events arranged by the Museum include: historical walks, an evening of song in the museum church,  market day at Laufás, Christmas preparations at Laufás etc.

 Friendly atmosphere and staff more than willing to engage in a conversation with guests.

 „With my best compliments for the extraordinary quality of your Museum. Very good design and also good museology.“  Luis Juaris Medur ICOM from Brazil.

OpnunartÝmi/Opening hours

Páskar - Easter

Minjasafnið á Akureyri og Nonnahús

Opið/open 13-17.

Minjasafnið á Akureyri - Akureyri Museum 

Sumar - Summer 
1. júní - 1. október.

Alla daga / Daily kl. 10-17

Vetur - Winter 
1. október - 31.maí

Alla daga / Daily kl. 13-16

Gamli bærinn Laufás - Old Turfhouse Laufás

Sumar:1.júní -1. október:
Alla daga 9-17

June 1.-October 1.  

Daily 9-17

Vetur/Winter - Lokað/Closed
Opið fyrir hópa/Open for groups

Sími/Tel: 895-3172
E-mail: laufas@minjasafnid.is 

Nonnahús - Nonni's House

Daglega 10-17
frá 1.júní - 31.ágúst

Daily 10-17
from June 1. - 31. August

Davíðshús - Sigurhæðir
Davíðs Stefánsson Memorial Museum
& Matthías Jochumsson Memorial Foundation

Opið virka daga 13-17
frá 1.júní - 31.ágúst

Open Weekdays 13-17
from June 1. - 31. August

sími/Tel: 462-4162 

Aðgangseyrir/Admission Fee

18+ 1400 kr.

15% Hópafsláttur/Group discount

Séropnun utan opnunartíma/Special opening: 20.000 kr + aðgangseyrir/admission fee


Skrifstofa Minjasafnsins
The Museum office
Virka daga/Weekdays 8-16. 

Sími/Tel: 462 4162 & 847 4235
Sími/Tel: Laufás 463-3196 & 895-3172
Sími/Tel: Davíðshús 462 4162 / 571-1830
Sími/Tel: Nonnahús 462-3555 / 462 4162


Tekið á móti skólahópum alla virka daga.
Bókanir hjá ragna@minjasafnid.is

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